How Mediation Trainees Can Practice and Hone Their Skills by Themselves

Yesterday I realized how ChatGPT, a free and popular AI (Artificial Intelligence) app, can help mediation trainees practice and hone their skills.

In short, I asked ChatGPT to play the parties’ role (Landlord and Tenant sent to mediation by a judge) in a simulation with me playing the mediator’s role.

Obviously, these simulations have some limits. For example, they are text-based (rather than online or in-person). And they are “virtual”, with no real persons playing the parties’ roles.

And yet, I believe that this tool might be useful to mediation trainees. Right after their basic mediation training, they could run as many simulations as they like - by themselves, on their time and at their pace.

If you’re interested to take a look at what an online mediation simulation with ChatGPT looks like, please send me an email. I’d be glad to send you yesterday’s transcript (in pdf format).

Thank you.

Giuseppe Leone

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