Bill English/BizJournals.comWhen emotions run high, the ability to reason one’s way to a resolution of a conflict is low.

The emotions involved need to be understood and “heard” before a resolution is reached. This is true for people in general, but is especially important to consider as a business owner, because conflict can, eventually, impact the bottom line...

Validate emotions

Mediation experts recognize that understanding the emotion involved in a conflict is a core method to helping the parties reach an agreement. Often, one or both parties will simply want the other to validate their emotions before they consider a resolution to the conflict. If those emotions are not validated, one or both parties will pivot to demanding money (or something else of value) as a way to express their hurt, pain and frustration. This isn’t necessarily nefarious on their part; it’s just human nature....

Business owners can take the following steps to help conflicts at work gain resolution:

  • Listen, listen, listen. Nothing will help resolve conflicts better and faster than to simply listen and work to understand the experiences and emotions of others.
  • Don’t move to a solution too fast.

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