I just wanted to make sure you all have my contact info. Everything is below, but let me give you a live link to my blog where there are many more examples http://ideamapping.ideamappingsuccess.com.

Depending on whether you have a PC or MAC the software products can differ. I was using MindManager by Mindjet. I've  heard good things about xMind, iThoughts, DropMind and many others. Email if you need some coaching. Thanks for listening!

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Your program was fabulous.  Hoping I could access the power point pages.

For someone like me, with ADD,  I now can map as fast as my mind can go and have a useful document from which I can create my mediation notes, blogs and chapters of my book

I was taking standard notes.This is so much clearer to me. 

I would love to connect.  I am attorney who, when I took the bar exam in 1983, had 50 mnemonics to create a mind map in 10 minutes when I sat down

I also wrote in 3 colors for my clarification and that of the reader

Who knew I was ahead of the curve!
Hope we can speak

Debra Hamilton

Hamilton Law and Mediation




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