New issue
The opening article by Neuroscientist David Bueno presents a series of new data on the influence of genes on aggressive behaviour.
In exploring a hitherto neglected field, Craig Zelizer develops an
analytical model regarding the role of humor in peacebuilding in divided
The third article by Stean Auguste Nkumb Tshiband engages in a discussion of civilian peacekeeping as contrasted to multidimensional
peacekeeping based on both practical and theoretical insights, and
Vjeran Katunaric studies gender equality as a crucial element of peace
culture in Croatia.
In her article “Reciprocal recognition as a means of peaceful conflict transformation”, Sonia París makes a claim for nonviolent
conflict settlement based on Axel Honneth’s theory of recognition. A
legal perspective is employed by Eduardo Vázquez de Castro, who writes
on mediation in consumer issues comparing Spanish and European
The section PIONEERS is this time dedicated to the non-violent resistance of two Maori chiefs in 19th century New Zealand and draws a
link between the politics of acts of resistance and faith-based
Lastly, the issue’s PROFILE presents the Rotary Peace Foundation.
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