Juripax has set up role-plays for Cyberweek. Participants can trial the system in various roles: you may engage as one of the parties in the pre-mediation and intake process and/or advance the mediation in the role of mediator.

The role-play is comprised of a dedicated online intake to support the meaningful exchange of pre-information as well as a discussion forum and conference facility, enabling information to be exchanged, issues to be explored, ideas to be discussed and disagreements to be resolved online.

Engaging in the role-play is easy and convenient. You can participate as an individual without the need to form groups of players and being dependent on other players being ready and/or available (e.g. due to different times and places). Switching from one role to the other can be done intuitively by clicking on the corresponding button available in the discussion forum without needing to log-in every time as separate identities.

Role-plays can be created for employment, divorce or general conflicts. There are sample case studies provided with the respective role-plays to help facilitate meaningful 'intake' and 'discussion'.

Click below to access the role-plays (at participants' choice available in English and Dutch)
English version: https://roleplay.juripax.com/php/defaultpage.php?lgset=en
Dutch Version: https://roleplay.juripax.com/php/defaultpage.php?lgset=nl

May-Britt Kollenhof-Bruning

May-Britt Kollenhof-Bruning, Master of Dispute Resolution is a professional mediator, trainer and cofounder of Juripax, Netherlands. Juripax B.V. is an ODR software and services provider that aims to prevent miscommunication that may occur in handling complaints and – if a dispute cannot be prevented – to resolve it effectively. May-Britt comes to the field of online conflict resolution with extensive expertise in the area of conflict resolution. She completed her formal mediation training in the U.S. She has served as a mediator and arbitrator in, mainly, complex commercial disputes. As an independent contractor she has mediated hundreds of online disputes for various companies, including eBay.

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