Juripax Simulations

Provided by May-Britt Kollenhof-Bruning

Juripax has set up role-plays for Cyberweek. Participants can trial the system in various roles: you may engage as one of the parties or conduct the mediation in the role of mediator (no need to sign in every time with separate identities nor to form groups of players acting as parties). Role-plays can be created for employment, divorce and general conflict proceedings, with sample case studies provided.

The available language options are:

English: https://roleplay.juripax.com/php/defaultpage.php?lgset=en
Dutch: https://roleplay.juripax.com/php/defaultpage.php?lgset=nl
German: https://roleplay.juripax.com/php/defaultpage.php?lgset=de


A discussion forum topic will be opened to provide feedback as well as to debrief and exchange ideas. You can access this forum here: http://www.adrhub.com/forum/topics/family-mediation-and-odr



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