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Presented by Don Law



Cyberweek 2013 - Arbitration Resolution Services Product Demo from The Werner Institute on Vimeo.


Don Law, the chief technologist at Arbitration Resolution Services, will present a live webinar covering the history and approach of the company, followed by a live demonstration.


The first part of the webinar will discuss the need for efficient and complete online arbitration, finding the sweet spot for simplified rules, making the process of online dispute resolutions more widely accessible, and streamlining the arbitration process without sacrificing the quality of the resolution.


The second part webinar will feature a live demo of a complete mock online arbitration, including consent, description of dispute, uploading evidence, exchange between parties, and the arbitrator's decision. The presentation will also visit the options for counterclaims, hearings, and mediation.


Presenter Bio:

Mr. Law is the technology leader and software architect for the Arbitration Resolution Services state of the art online resolution system. He led the design of the system to operate accurately, efficiently, and without bias in allowing for disputes to be resolved through arbitration throughout the world. Mr. Law has been in the software development industry for over 25 years, with diverse experience ranging from mobile phones to mainframes. He holds a BS in Math and Computer Science from Furman University, where he conducted research under a NASA grant. He also holds a MS degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.




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The archive for this session is now available for viewing. You may access the archive by clicking play on the video player embedded above. Please feel free to continue the conversation within this forum by posting your thoughts or questions. Enjoy!


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