Management Skills for NGOs, Part I: Managing Yourself - 05/11/2012, Brussels

Management Skills for NGOs, Part I: Managing Yourself

When: 05/11/2012 (all-day)

Where: City of Brussels, Belgium

Cost: 250 Euro (+21% VAT)

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Do you ever feel like everyone at a staff meeting is speaking a different language? Do you have a co-worker who, for whatever reason, you just cannot stand? Are you frustrated by a colleague’s apparent inability to meet deadlines? Virtually all conflicts in the workplace boil down to an issue of miscommunication. People tend to communicate in the way that is most adequate to them, without realising that others might understand what they say differently. This training is open to all employees and managers, and is designed to help individuals understand themselves better, and how they and others perceive the world and make decisions, resulting in more effective communication and work.


• Be able to know your own personality type
• Describe your own type preferences and your preferred methods of interaction
• Recognise behaviour cues from each type preference and how others prefer to receive communication
• Use alternative ways of communicating to be most effective with people of different type preferences
• Appreciate the gifts and strengths of yourself and others
• Analyse your strengths and blind spots
• Have an action plan to start working on immediately


This course is suitable for employees and managers alike. It is open to all those working in the non-profit sector who are seeking to become more effective, want to build better relationships, and help their organisation succeed.

Trainer Teresa Nehra
Training programme Download PDF file
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