Mediation/Facilitation/Civic Engagement Consultants

Justice & Sustainability Associates, LLC (JSA) specializes in designing and implementing large and small group multi-stakeholder agenda setting and decision-making processes. JSA focuses on using alternative dispute and conflict resolution techniques (fact-finding, facilitation, mediation, negotiation, consensus building, etc.) in public policy, civic engagement and organizational development processes related to achieving sustainable community development, environmental justice and smart growth.

JSA is seeking all levels of professionals for project work who have the ability to design and implement:
•Community Development Mediation
•Civic Engagement
•Public Policy Development Consensus Building
•Strategic Organizational Consultation

To be selected as a Consultant to work with JSA you must be able to show documented evidence of your project management skills and experience in conflict resolution. You must also be able to demonstrate your knowledge in one or more of the following: 1) land use median and facilitation, 2) land use and transportation planning and policy, 3) housing and community development, 4) economic and environmental impact analysis and 5) community engagement.

You can expect to work on various tasks that may include (but not limited to), design, implement, document and evaluate small and large group processes that effectively and efficiently engage a diverse range of stakeholders (i.e. government agencies, policy makers and the public); manage multi-party policy dialogues, negotiations, strategy development projects; convene and engage stakeholders, assessments, design and deliver collaborative processes, help participants develop consensus documents, and conduct implementation activities; interfaces with clients, consultants and key stakeholders as required and more.

Requires Graduate degree (M.B.A., M.A., etc.), plus 5 or more years of relevant experience.

If you’re interested in being considered for these opportunities with JSA please provide a letter of introduction summarizing how you relate to JSA’s core values and principles. Please visit the JSA website at The letter must also include your hourly rate requirements along with supporting documentation such as your resume and/or bio and any writing samples or work samples that support your knowledge and expertise.  Resumes and letters of interest should be submitted to:

We look forward to hearing from you.



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