Mediator Registry Now Provides Low Cost Mediations for the Los Angeles Legal Community

Mediator Registry Now Provides Low Cost Mediations for the Los Angeles Legal Community

The Mediator Registry announces the launch of its Low-Cost Mediator Referral Program in the Los Angeles area. Clients can find a certified mediator to perform a three hour mediation at a fixed cost of $525.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

The Mediator Registry provides a listing and designation service for mediators worldwide. In early 2013, the Registry invited all mediators from the soon-to-be-closed Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program to register and many took the invitation. These mediators can be found by browsing the Mediator Registry.

This month, the Registry has introduced a low-cost, turnkey referral service for mediation clients.

“Lawyers using court mediators have been accustomed to having a mediator assigned to them immediately, who does all the intake and administration. The Registry aims to mirror that service as much as possible by offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for finding and hiring a mediator for a particular mediation.” says Anthony Matthews, founder and administrator of the Mediator Registry.

A client can browse through nearly 600 mediators in the Mediator Registry. Over 100 of them participate in the Low-Cost Mediator Referral Service. After finding a suitable mediator, the client pays a $75 administration fee, which allows the mediator to perform a mediation of up to three hours for a fee of $450. Additional time is charged at the standard rate. If customers want a mediator who is not participating in the Low-Cost Referral Program, they can contact any mediator directly and book them at standard rates.

The Registry offers mediation expertise in over thirty practice areas including associations, workers compensation, business, consumer, personal injury, family law, commercial, real estate, and more specialized areas such as probates, trusts, and medical malpractice. The Mediator Registry verifies the credentials of all mediators assigned to the Referral Program.

“It’s important that clients have a good mediation experience, which is all part of the process leading to the settlement of a dispute. A good mediator will be able to help clients with legal negotiation strategies,” says Matthews.

Matthews also claims that “many attorneys these days are ready for trial but not ready for settlement. The mediator can help them find all the options in their case which might lead to cooperative settlement terms that are not even on the table if they are litigating over the case, and to help them present those opportunities to the other parties.”

The Mediator Registry can be found at All mediators can be found and contacted directly. Many participate in the Low-Cost Mediator Referral Program, where a three-hour mediation consultation costs a total of $525.

Anthony Matthews, founder of the Mediator Registry and a Cambridge law graduate, is a member of the Southern California Mediation Association and the National Association for Community Mediation. He can be contacted at (262) 423-7627, or by email at Anthony.Matthews(at)MediatorRegistry(dot)com

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