MWI’s Dealing with Difficult Negotiation Behaviors & Tactics - June 8, 2012

Building off of the foundational skills and frameworks introduced in MWI's Negotiation Skills Workshop, MWI's Dealing with Difficult Tactics course will offer helpful advice, tools and additional frameworks designed to address the most difficult negotiators, complex scenarios and challenging tactics.  Many negotiators believe it is better to be "difficult" in a negotiation, utilizing manipulative tactics, throwing the other side off balance in order to "win" the negotiation. Rather than responding in kind and degenerating the negotiation, often to all parties' detriment, it is important to engage and to educate the other side on the benefits of collaboration, bringing them on board with a more productive approach that is proven to better meet the needs of all parties over the long-term.  Location: MWI's Offices in Faneuil Hall, Boston.  For more information please visit or contact Chuck Doran at 800-348-4888 x22 or

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