NAFCM December 5, 2013 Webinar “How Online Mediation Helps Community Mediators Practice & Improve Their Skills” – Agenda, Powerpoint Presentation and Videos

NAFCM is the national association of approx. 400 community mediation centers in the United States and Canada.

Main Topics of the Dec. 5, 2013 Webinar

>> How NAFCM community mediation centers can now help their mediators practice and improve their skills, by participating in online mediation simulations with other mediators – from the same or different centers. All they need is a PC, Mac, Ipad and an Internet connection.
>> Why 3 community mediators (in Washington, Wisconsin and Maine) found the 4-part format of Virtual Mediation Lab simulations so effective, and why they liked so much their first experience online.
>> How online simulations and their video recordings can add value to a classroom training program; keep students (new mediators) interested in mediation; and create a new source of income for community mediation centers.
>> How community mediation centers — no matter their size or location — can now learn from and share with one another their “know-how” and experience with specific kind of disputes.
>> Which additional resources — e.g. online training, webinars — Virtual Mediation Lab makes available to NAFCM mediation centers and other ADR organizations.


>> Patty Olds – Volunteers of America Northern New England (Maine)
>> Michiko Stas – Volunteers of America Western Washington (Washington)
>> Linda Tyrrell – Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay (Wisconsin)
>> Giuseppe Leone – Virtual Mediation Lab

To view the Powerpoint presentation and videos of 3 simulations run with 11 community mediators in September/October 2013, click here

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This is great stuff Giuseppe. Thanks for sharing your resources. I want to remind people of your great presentation during Cyberweek on this same topic. The archive for that session is available here:

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