New Frontiers in Dispute Resolution – Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution - 80-min Video

During their September 24, 2016 membership meeting held at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law - Arizona State University, members of the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution (AACR) learned more about new frontiers in dispute resolution and saw them “in action”.

Giuseppe Leone, founder of Virtual Mediation Lab,

>> Showed them how mediators can do online what they are used to do in-person: joint and private meetings with the parties, information (e.g. pictures, pdf documents, worksheets, videos) sharing and annotation, writing up the parties’ Memorandum of Understanding or agenda for their next meeting.

>> Explained the benefits of online mediation; how to blend face-to-face and online mediation; how mediators can add online mediation to their practice, in order to offer their services outside their city, state or country.

>> Shared a 7-min video of an online mediation simulation run with two AACR members (Catherine Tornbom and Larrry Schwartz) and an Arizona State University student (Kenton Arbon).

>> Gave AACR members in the audience the opportunity to ask Catherine, Larry and Kenton any questions about their first experience with online mediation.

>> Answered several questions about online mediation.

To watch the 80-min video recording of Giuseppe Leone’s presentation and read what AACR board member Kate Otting wrote him after their membership meeting click here -

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