NEW Webinar Series: Peace & Conflict Resolution Essentials - UPEACE Centre for Executive Education

We are excited to launch a NEW 3-part Webinar Series to build your understanding and skill set in Peace & Conflict Resolution through the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education!

In this unique series, you have the choice to attend just one Webinar, or sign up for all three (10% discount for the latter) to best suit your schedule and interest! You will learn practical tools for cultivating non-violent communities and relationships, techniques in fostering resilient communication as well as key lessons and examples from peace leaders of which you can adapt to inspire within your own work and life.

Webinar 1: Everyday Conflict Prevention & Resolution

December 4th, 8pm EST (NY time) – 1 hour duration, US$49

•             the Conflict Lifecycle and how to recognize signs of rising tensions

•             9 Golden Rules for conflict prevention

•             the importance of communication and how to improve it in conflict settings

Webinar 2: 7 Tools to Grow Nonviolent Communities

January 7th, 8pm EST (NY time) – 1.5 hour duration, US$99

•             the signs and symptoms of unhealthy or “toxic” communities

•             the definition of a healthy community

•             the main features of a healthy community

•             how to use 7 tools for growing nonviolent communities

Webinar 3: Peace Leadership

January 22nd, 8pm EST (NY time) – 1.5 hour duration, US$99

•             what happens when there are no peace leaders and why we need peace leaders

•             what peace leaders do and the tools they can use to do it

•             key lessons from other peace leaders that contributed to their success

We hope you will join us for this unique opportunity!

ENROLL now or click here for more information on the series.

* Dr. Evan Hoffman (course trainer) has over ten years of experience conducting workshops and trainings with hundreds of community leaders, university students, police officers, and government officials from around the world. Follow him @drevanhoffman and the Centre for Executive Education @UPEACECentre.


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