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When mediators from around the world practice their skills by participating in Free Virtual Mediation Lab (VML) online mediation simulations of commercial, family or workplace cases, this is how it used to work.

If the mediator playing that role decided to have private or joint meetings with the parties, he or she didn’t have to do (click) anything. At the mediator’s request, the VML Coach would put Party 1 or Party 2 “On Hold” or bring them back into the online mediation room.

Now mediators have another option, which makes their simulations even more useful. Before a simulation begins, their Coach shows them how to do everything by themselves. In other words:

>> How to hold and switch between joint and private sessions
>> How to share documents (e.g. pictures, worksheets or videos), if applicable to that specific simulation
>> How to write up a “Memorandum of Understanding” or agenda for the parties’ next mediation session

From that point on, the mediator playing that role will have total control over that online mediation. Using the intuitive and easy-to-use tools provided by the video conferencing software, mediators will therefore run their simulation the same way they would run the online mediation of a real case.

Such new practice, followed by the VML 1-Hour One-on-One Hands-On Online Mediation via Zoom training, will equip mediators to either add online mediation to their current practice, or to start a new online mediation business.

To learn more about Virtual Mediation Lab Free online mediation simulations, click here

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