Performing Under Pressure: The Calm in the Midst of the Storm

with Stephen Kotev

Conflict Resolvers are told to "become the calm in the midst of the storm" as we enter situations most would choose to avoid. Many conflict resolution trainings provide this advice, but leave us without practical skills on how to implement it. The exercises and theory presented in this course will help you develop mastery over specific techniques focused on breath, posture, and vision that will dramatically improve your performance under pressure. This dynamic, experiential workshop will teach you how to overcome your fight-or-flight response in high-pressure situations taking your skill to the next level and on toward mastery.

Note: Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.

Cost: Early bird $215 by 5/21 or $265

Date & Time: June 1 & October 1,  8:30am-12:45pm 

CME: pending

To register or for more information contact us at 703.865.7261 or or visit

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