Seeking Mediators Around the World for ACR Hawaii Pilot Project – Online Mediation Simulations via Skype

We are currently looking for mediators across the USA and around the world to participate in Virtual Mediation Lab –

Sponsored by the Association for Conflict Resolution Hawaii Chapter – – our project wants to show how mediators can practice and improve their mediation skills by participating – with other mediators – in online mediation simulations via Skype. The only requirements for participating in Virtual Mediation Lab are:

> Basic mediation training
> PC/Mac with the latest version of Skype
> A webcam
> A microphone and speakers or – preferably – a microphone headset
> High-speed broadband connection
> Be available at 7:00am or 12:00pm Hawaii Time. To convert Hawaii Time into your time zone click here

Mediators who have already signed up live in:

> England
> Holland
> Ireland
> Italy
> Kenya
> New Zealand
> Russia
> Sweden
> Ukraine
> United States

If you are interested to participate in our pilot project click here -

Giuseppe Leone

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This sounds like a great project, good luck!

In my previous post I forgot to mention that we have already tested 2 different settings:

Setting #1 – The 3 participants/mediators are anywhere in the world – as long as they have Skype

Setting #2 – Any number of participants (one mediator or two comediators, two or more parties, parties' attorneys or observers) are physically in the same room – around the mediation table. This setting is particularly useful to mediation training classes. We will use this setting next month (May 2012) to run a series of simulations with students of the Hawaii Pacific University.

Giuseppe Leone
PS If any members need more info about our pilot project with online mediation simulations via Skype, they can contact me by email:


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