The Importance of Personal Branding for Launching an Online Mediation Business – 70-min Video

Online mediation can open up new business opportunities. Like any other business, however, an online mediation business requires a plan. Why? Because you need to have a clear answer to some key questions: e.g. who exactly are your prospective clients? How will they find you, know you, trust you, like you? And, more importantly, why should they hire you?

The most critical component of such plan is your “personal branding”.

During a Virtual Mediation Lab webinar, which took place on October 19, 2016, Nicole Abboud explained the basics of personal branding, and how mediators can apply those concepts to launch a successful online mediation business. In particular, she talked about:

>> What a personal brand is and why it’s important for any business owner.
>> How to begin building your personal brand.
>> The importance of differentiating yourself in your mediation niche market.

Nicole Abboud is an attorney, podcaster, and owner of Abboud Media. She works with lawyers who understand the value of building relationships with clients through content creation.

To watch the 70-min video recording of this webinar click here

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