The Power of Mobile Devices in Online Mediation – Virtual Mediation Lab Free Webinar - June 30, 2016

As shown in this 2-min video mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone can play a powerful role in the online mediation of consumer/merchant, homeowner/contractor, landlord/tenant, e-commerce disputes and so on. Why? Because, parties can actually show each other (and the mediator) what they are talking about: e.g. which parts of the homeowner’s wall still need to painted by the contractor, or why the item that the buyer received is not as described on the seller’s website.

Considered how many people already own an iPad or iPhone and use it every single day, Virtual Mediation Lab believes that:

>> Mobile Mediation (Online Mediation with Mobile Devices) can open up new markets for mediators.
>> In order to explain the benefits of Mobile Mediation to the public, it is necessary to “show” what Mobile Mediation actually means, with short videos that anybody can understand.

The Virtual Mediation Lab 30-min Free webinar “The Power of Mobile Devices in Online Mediation – Let’s Brainstorm Some Creative Ideas” will take place Thursday, June 30, 2016 at Noon/12:00pm Eastern Time (9:00am Pacific Time | 11:00am Central Time | 5:00pm London Time), and consists of 2 parts:

PART 1 – Introduction to Mobile Mediation
Presented by Giuseppe Leone, founder of Virtual Mediation Lab.

PART 2 – Q&A and Brainstorming
Webinar attendees will be invited to suggest creative applications of Mobile Mediation. If other attendees are interested, Virtual Mediation Lab will set up, run and video record simulations in order to show those applications “in action”.

Fill out this Online Application Form
If your application is accepted, you will receive the instructions to participate in our webinar with a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone.

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