The Power of Visual Communication in Mediation - 45-min Video

Have you ever watched parties in a mediation struggle to hear what each other is saying, or even to get what you’re saying? What if the important things people were trying to say in your mediations were not evaporating into thin air? What if the parties could literally see their comments in real time and reflect on them? How might that impact the process of coming to agreements?

On March 8, 2017, during a 45-min Virtual Mediation Lab webinar sponsored by Mediate BC, Lisa Arora explained to a large group of mediators from around the world:

>> Why visual communication is so powerful for parties in resolving conflict
>> How face-to-face and online mediators can learn more about groundbreaking visual mediation methods

To watch the video recording of this webinar click here -

Lisa Arora is an internationally recognized expert in the field of graphic facilitation and a comprehensive family mediator in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada -

Mediate BC is a not-for-profit organization that leads, promotes and facilitates mediation and other collaborative dispute resolution processes throughout the province of British Columbia, Canada -

Founded by Giuseppe Leone, Virtual Mediation Lab is an online mediation project sponsored by the Association for Conflict Resolution Hawaii Chapter -

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