Transformative Mediation in Action - Example of How It Works in a Workplace Discrimination Case - 72-min Video

Thanks to the kind cooperation of 3 mediators – Dan Simon, Lisa Jacobs, and Ben Davies – who participate in our project Virtual Mediation Lab, today we did something that could benefit HR managers and mediators worldwide.

We ran and video recorded an online mediation via Skype for a workplace discrimination dispute - between an employee and her supervisor - with a mediator (Dan) trained and experienced in “transformative” mediation.

By watching our 72-min video, HR managers can therefore see how a neutral mediator can help supervisors and employees communicate and, hopefully, resolve their workplace dispute.

And mediators can also see:

>> How “transformative” mediation works and differs from “facilitative” mediation
>> How our online simulations via Skype can help mediators improve their skills, and learn from each other

The video of today's simulation is posted on our website –

If you have any comments on what we did today, or suggestions for future “experiments” to conduct in our Virtual Mediation Lab, please let me know. 

Giuseppe Leone

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