In July Giuseppe Leone, founder of Virtual Mediation Lab, will present a webinar on online mediation to a group of mediators in Spain. Since Giuseppe doesn’t speak Spanish, his presentation, demo and Q&A session will be in English, and will be translated live by a Spanish mediator fluent in both languages.

As a result, even though Giuseppe’s presentation obviously will take longer than usual, Spanish mediators will be able to ask him any questions they like, in their own language.

What this “webinar in your language” method means is that online mediation can be presented and demonstrated in any country and any language.

Once mediators from around the world understand and experience first-hand the benefits of online mediation, it will be easier for them to explain it to the public, most of whom are already connected to the Internet and own a mobile device: iPad, Iphone, Android tablet or smartphone.

For more information on Virtual Mediation Lab webinars on online mediation contact Giuseppe by email or by phone

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