Why Face-to-Face Mediators Around the World Like to Practice and Sharpen Their Skills by Participating in Online Mediation Simulations

The success of online mediation depends mainly of the mediator's skills and experience.

For this reason, Virtual Mediation Lab not only offers face-to-face mediators around the world a 2-hour hands-on Training in Online Mediation. It also offers them the opportunity to practice and sharpen their mediation skills by participating in 5 Free online simulations with other mediators and a Coach.

Each simulation of commercial, family and workplace cases consists of 4 parts:

Part 1 – 60-min Mediation of a commercial, family or workplace case

Part 2 – 20/30-min Debriefing – All mediators and their Coach reflect on what happened during that mediation. What worked well – or not-so-well? And why?

Part 3 – Video Recording of the entire simulation

Part 4 – Online Survey

Filling out our Online Survey takes only a few minutes. Mediators can give their feedback by answering a couple of simple questions; for example,

>> While playing your role or during the debriefing session, did you learn anything new about your mediation skills?
>> Did you learn anything new about online mediation in general: e.g. about how the online environment affects the mediator's and the parties' behavior?
>> Has this simulation changed - for better or worse - your view about online mediation?

Here is the feedback of face-to-face mediators who participated recently in online mediation simulations - http://goo.gl/i8UQDf

PS: Virtual Mediation Lab is a project sponsored by the Association for Conflict Resolution - Hawaii Chapter

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