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ADRhub.com is a portal for the Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conflict Resolution community. ADRhub.com is a place to get all your ADR related news, events, information and more!

The site is free to sign up and is intended to be an interactive portal. The following is a breakdown of what the site offers:

Web Events:
This is the main feature of the site. Each month we will have video and audio interviews as well as online web panel discussions featuring students, alumni, faculty and prominent ADR practitioners and professionals in the ADR global community. For those that can not make it live to the event, they will also be archived in both the WImba format and in most cases mp4 format so you can download it and watch it at your conveniernce or watch it without downloading any files by watching it directly on the site.

News & Articles:
The section is split into three sub-sections of featured and general news as well as paper review. The reason for the difference is the featured section is edited and content controlled meaning the administrators and editors of ADRhub.com are the only people who can post initial news and articles for the ADRhub.com community meaning this site will have less yet impactful articles and news important to you. Everyone is able to post responses to posts in this forum.

The general section allows everyone to post news and articles that they want to share with the public. Please be mindful of copyright laws of posting- included on snippets and links. You could see examples already posted in the forum.

The paper review section offers those in the academic field submit papers in a draft version or those that have been completed already and you are looking for feedback. You can upload the entire paper and/or post the abstract and outline to get feedback.

This section will have open positions ranging from directors to interships. Feel free to browse the openings as well as list any your organization has or openings that have been passed along to you. See posts already listed to see the format how to post.

You are able to create your own blog and share your comments and thoughts with everyone.

This section is divided into three sub groups- general, trainings and conferences. Feel free to post any ADR related events in this section.

Anyone can start a group on the site and a group. For example, a group has been made specifically and exclusively for the Werner Community. It is simple to join- all you have to do is click the “join this group option”.

This feature allows you to speak with other people who are on the site at the same time. You can arrange times with your friends to meet on ADRhub.com to chat in real time on the site.

The Homepage:
The main page of ADRhub.com has all the content of the site spread out into different sections. The main, middle section will have editorial controlled content in the featured video section as well as the “What’s Happening’ section. Every week we will list the top content found on our site which could very well could e the article, blog or event you posted! There is a short video on the homepage explaining how to use the site in case you have any questions as well as in the message board forum there is a section for feedback and questions.

We really hope you take the time to visit the site, give us feedback and join the site and become a member of ADRhub.com. 
All the above features offer you an opportunity to engage the ADR community with ease. You can just be a viewer of the content or if you want, freely and easily respond a variety of ways. Posting comments, pictures, blogs, events and joining web events is simply.

We are asking you to help spread the word of the site by sending this along to any of your peers or co-workers that you think would also enjoy our site. The easiest way to do this is by clicking the “invite” button at the top page tab menu. We have tried to take into and implement many of the considerations and suggestions people have offered through various methods to us. We are always open to suggestions to making the site better for you and everyone. Feel free to contact me via my email below or through the site.

-Noam Ebner, noamebner@creighton.edu

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