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Brexit, Trump and the Nash Trap. A Loss of Trust.

The U.K.’s decision to leave the EU and the voting in of the protectionist Donald Trump to the US presidency has drawn both the UK and the USA into the Nash Trap.

U.S. mathematician John Nash (the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’) postulated that Adam Smith’s declaration that ‘In competition, individual ambition serves the common good' (the leave approach and Trump’s ‘America First’ proposition) was incomplete.

Instead Nash postulated that the best result is for everyone in the…


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Mediation Workshop for Experienced Mediators in Tuscany, Italy 20 -27 June 2015

“Shifting the Focus from Mediating the Problem to Mediating the Moment.”

Join 20 experienced mediators from Australasia, Europe and the Americas in Italy this June.



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Rebooting Mediation by Detaching from the Illusions of Neutrality, Just Outcomes and Balanced Power

Neutrality is physically impossible to attain as a personal attribute for a mediator.

The same applies to the concepts of ‘just outcomes’ and ‘balanced power’. They are all theoretical constructs which do not exist outside of theory.

There is nothing theorists can point to that would indicate to a mediator when these states have been physically achieved. They are subjective concepts subject to infinite…


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A Five-Day Residential Intensive for Mediators in Tuscany Italy- April 23–28 2012


We will be running a 5 day Residential Intensive for Mediators In Tuscany Italy from April 23 - 28th 2012 at the Fattoria L'Ottavo Lucolena/Greve in Chianti

Lead Trainers will be -Greg Rooney (Australia) – Margaret Ross (Australia) – Barbara Wilson (United Kingdom)  

We will examine shifting the focus from mediating the problem to mediating the moment. The focus will be on the mediator rather than the parties.



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Pod Casts of 82 sessions of the National Mediation Conference Australia - Adelaide 2010



I thought it might be of interest to members that pod casts of 82 sessions of the Australian National Mediation Conference - Adelaide 2010 are now uploaded onto the conference website.

Click on past conferences (Adelaide) or pod casts and papers and scroll down to the audio files.

Speakers include Justice Albie Sachs on the Process Architecture…


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