Baker Hughes Launches Organizational Ombuds Service for Employees

The Fortune 200, global oilfield services company headquartered in North Houston, Texas opened an Organizational Ombuds Office (“o3”) in September to serve employees in the U.S., and Trinidad and Tobago. The o3 team is led by a Principal Ombuds and includes an Ombuds, coordinator, and information specialist.

According to a company announcement, Baker Hughes chose to create the o3 from its ongoing interest in creating the best possible workplace and employee experience. To customize the Ombuds concept into the o3, more than 100 Baker Hughes employees took part in the consideration, design, and implementation. Some specialized aspects built into the o3 design include:

  • An information specialist position to augment measurement of the o3’s contributions;
  • A requirement in the Charter to evaluate program performance on a regular basis; and
  • An Ombuds Governance Committee, which is a diverse cross-functional body that supports and monitors the o3 and which includes at-large nominations to ensure diversity of level and function in o3 oversight.

The o3 Charter, written in accord with the International Ombudsman Association’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, establishes the o3 Mission to offer independent, neutral, informal, and confidential assistance to safely raise and promptly help address concerns and issues.  The company plans to extend coverage to include Canadian employees in 2013.

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