Soliya, a non-profit organization using a custom-made web-conferencing application to facilitate dialogue between students from diverse backgrounds across the globe, is now recruiting skilled volunteers to facilitate its Connect Program for the Fall 2011 semester!


As always our volunteer facilitation position includes a free-of-charge online facilitation and conflict resolution training. We have also made some exciting changes to our facilitation training program to allow for more applicants to get involved! Please read on and get involved!



- Interested in the relationship between the“West” and the “Arab & Muslim World”?

- Passionate about connecting students from different parts of the world??

- Eager to facilitate dialogue, break stereotypes and promote understanding among students from diverse cultural backgrounds???


If you have read the orange box above and the answers are: 'yes, yes and yes!’, Soliya’s volunteer facilitation opportunity is perfect for you!


Connect Program:  Soliya’sConnect Program runs twice a year – in approximately March/April (Spring) and again in October/November (Fall). The Connect Program intends to bridge the divide between the "West" and the "Arab & Muslim World” by empowering young adults to play a constructive role in creating a more informed, just and peaceful global society. Through a series of online video conference discussions held between university students from the United States,Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, participants will be given the opportunityto collectively address some of the root causes behind the tensions between the"West" and the "Arab and Muslim world".


Role of a Facilitator: As a facilitator you'll mediate these online-discussions intended to promote intercultural awareness and understanding. You will also engage with people from different cultural backgrounds, explore their various opinions, help them to develop a nuanced understanding of the issues that divide them and become part of the bridge! 


Training Overview: In order to prepare facilitators for their role, we offer various online facilitation training courses throughout the year, via Soliya’s custom-made web-conferencing application. Soliya now offers two Advanced and two Basic facilitation and conflict resolution trainings a year. The recently added Basic Training now allows for more people to become Soliya facilitators, regardless of their academic and professional backgrounds!  All training programs provide facilitators with transferable collaborative leadership and conflict resolution skills that they can use both via Soliya’s programs and in other contexts as well.


Schedule and Deadlines: The Connect Program for the Fall 2011 semester will run from early October to early December, with facilitators meeting their group once a week for a 2 hour session for approximately 10 weeks.  If you are interested in facilitating during the Fall 2011 Connect Program, you must apply to either the next basic or advanced online trainings by their respective deadlines March1st and May 1st  2011. Please read the training descriptions in the PDF attachment to determine which training suits you best and indicate your preference in your application. Note: All applications are subject to review by Soliya to determine training level placement, even if a preference has been given. For both the training and the facilitation, the exact timing  of your meeting will be determined according to a facilitator’s schedule.  We accept applications all throughout the year, however, WHEN we receive your application will determine when you’ll facilitate. Please make sure to check the PDF attachment to get an overview of our training schedules, deadlines, and formats to determine what suits your schedule best.


To find out more about becoming a facilitator and our different annual training periods, you can also visit

PDF Attachment: Facilitation Brochure- Fall 2011-Spring 2012.pdf

Apply and become part of the bridge!!


How to Apply or More Info?:  For more information,you can check out the attachment, visit our website or contact me by mail If you already know that you want to volunteer as a facilitator, please send a brief cover letter along with your Résumé (and a training preference if you have one) to

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