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Got Conflict? If you have a conflict with someone, and are not sure how to handle it, then let us know. Here is your opportunity to ask your question with Conflict Management experts who are mediators, conflict coaches and facilitators on how to think about, analyze or resolve your situation.

Think about it. Are you currently engaged in an active conflict with your co-workers or boss? Ignoring your neighbor because of a conversation you don't want to have? In a disagreement with your spouse? Or simply afraid to bring up a concern with a friend in fear of stirring up problems.

Articles of Discussion:

1. The Massive Mango

2. Chris Christie Offers a Key to Marital Success: Fight in a Walk-In ...

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Patricia Porter is Founder and President of Conflict Connections®, Inc. and is known as the Texas Conflict Coach®. Patricia is a subject-matter expert in the field of conflict resolution since 1994. Her experience includes working as a senior mediator, team facilitator, senior trainer, and conflict management and abrasive leader coach. Her primary emphasis is in supporting employees, teams and senior leadership in organizations to work through conflict and change productively. She is the author of "Stop the Dreaded Drama: 55 tips for Ending Destructive Conflict."

Patricia holds the following credentials.

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Texas, License #42026
  • Accredited Boss Whisperer (ABW), The Boss Whispering Institute
  • Credentialed Distinguished Mediator – Texas Mediator Credentialing Association
  • Certified Advanced Conflict Coach & Coach-Mentor - CINERGY®, Toronto, Canad
  • Advanced Practitioner – Workplace Mediator – Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Academy of Advanced Practitioners(AAP) – Conflict Coach/Facilitator – ACR
  • Certified Administrator – Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) – Center for Conflict Dynamics

In addition to her extensive conflict coaching experience, Patricia is a highly experienced mediator and provides workplace and EEO mediation services to a number of organizations. Patricia’s extensive team facilitation, negotiation and conflict resolution training experience includes many high profile projects. Currently, Patricia teaches conflict management coaching to graduate students at Southern Methodist University Dispute Resolution Program in Plano, Texas. And, she is the President for the Texas Association of Mediators (TAM).

Zena Zumeta, internationally known as both a mediator and trainer of mediators. She is president of the Mediation Training & Consultation Institute, Zena Zumeta Mediation Services, and The Collaborative Workplace in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Zena is a lawyer and a former president of the Academy of Family Mediators. She is the recipient of the Michigan Lifetime Achievement in Mediation Award; the National Education Association/Saturn Corporation Award for Union-Management Collaboration; the John Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award; and the Kumba Award from the National Conference on Minorities in ADR.

Abigail R.C. McManus (nee. Clark) is a graduate of the University of Baltimore obtaining her master’s degree in negotiation and conflict management. Abigail earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Stevenson University. Abigail is passionate about analyzing, managing, resolving, and transforming conflict in everyday life. She uses her education and understanding to resolve productively and efficiently conflicts both at work and at home. Abigail recently took a position as a compliance associate at a mortgage company. Abigail got married in September of 2015. Abigail works with The Texas Conflict Coach® as an Apprentice doing guest research and blog writing. Currently, she resides in Baltimore City with her husband and new bull terrier puppy, Alvin and spends her free time researching passion projects and writing.

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