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Dealing with Difficult People -Washington, DC- March 1, 2011 - $ 150.00

The one day program is designed to provide an opportunity to learn more effective strategies for relating to different types of difficult work styles—both management and co-worker styles.  The program also includes a review of the components of interpersonal communication including attending skills, responding skills and assertive responses, as well as an assessment of the participant’s conflict management style.


Ensuring a Healthy Workplace-- Eliminating Bullying and Other Dysfunctional Behaviors –Washington, DC March 2-3, 2011 Cost: 400.00   Workplace stress is now at an unprecedented level – joblessness, increased workloads, and lower pay – all combine to create a pressure cooker that can lead to conflicts and outbursts at the workplace.  Employees are experiencing a loss of security, jobs, health benefits, pensions and morale, resulting in a workforce more prone to conflict than ever.    Managers and employees need to recognize the warning signs and make changes to swap bullying and other dysfunctional behaviors for strategies that lead to a healthier workplace.   *** The FMCS Institute is offering 2 exciting new courses - Dealing with Difficult People, March 1, 2011, also offered “Ensuring a Healthy Workplace March 2-3, 2011”.  Take both courses and save $50.00 Call for registration information ***


Mediation Skills in the Workplace - Houston, TX  - March 28-April 1, 2011  Cost:  1200.00 (1100.00 Early bird)

Dealing effectively with conflict in the workplace has become a critical function in public and private organizations. Employers and employees are increasingly turning towards mediation to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. Mediation has successfully applied to many types of workplace disputes, including grievances, EEO complaints, superior / subordinate problems, and peer conflicts.  This workshop focuses on the mediation process and skills required to be successful. Facilitating difficult conversations, creative problem-solving, interpersonal negotiations and communication will be covered. The course will not include substantive or statutory issues.


Generational Mix and Diversity in the Workplace – Portland, OR  May 3-4, 2011-350.00  (300.00 Earlybird)

All organizations are experiencing a new challenge these days. For the first time in history, there are four distinct generations in the workforce, each with different expectations, traits, characteristics, values, and work styles. This course is designed to help you meet the challenges of understanding how and why these differences manifest in the workplace today. This interactive two-day program will examine how you and your organization can bridge these generational gaps to best meet the needs of both organizations and employees, and how you can use this knowledge and understanding to enhance your organization and the collective bargaining process.  



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