Get ready for Twitter chat #6 for ADR Professionals: February 29 8-9pm EDT

This coming Wednesday I am super excited (‘stoked’ in modern parlance) to be co-hosting a Twitter chat for ADR professionals with the dynamic Jeff Thompson (@mediatorjeff on Twitter) from New York City… collaborating, coast to coast.

I’m filling in for regular co-host Jason Dykstra (@jasondyk), another social mediator dynamo.  Twitter chat for ADR professionals happens the last Wednesday of each month.

Here’s the opportunity for you…


logo twitter withbird 1000 allblue Get ready for Twitter chat #6 for ADR Professionals: February 29 8 9pm EDT

What: Twitter chat for ADR Professionals

Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time: 8:00-9:00 pm Eastern Time

Subject: Creativity and ADR

Place: Twitter

Twitter Hashtag: #ADRhubchat

Whose invited:  ADR mediators, arbitrators, lawyers, coaches, negotiators, instructors, administrators…


This is a great way to connect with your peers and build our community of practice (thinking of our own!).  If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat, now is your opportunity.   I’ve found the conversations rich (this will be my fourth #ADRhubchat), a treasure trove of insights, reflections… and always welcoming.

Your co-hosts will ask a series of questions (typically 5-8) related to the topic, creativity.    Adding the Twitter hashtag #ADRhubchat to each tweet gives you, and everybody else, a practical way to follow the conversation… e.g., searching by #ADRhubchat will give you a list of all tweets with that hashtag in it, and = a (time-limited) transcript of the conversation.

If this is your first time, it can be a bit overwhelming to follow the conversation and also provide input to the conversation.   Your head may spin, mine did/does, yet it’s a good spin (LOL).  Have a look at these blog posts by Jason, What the heck is Twitter chat, and Jeff, Twitter Chat for ADR Professionals, for some practical advice on how to make the chat work for you, and others.

As Jeff says about #ADRhubchat, “its fun, cool and everyone is doing it”.  See you on the 29th.

Got a question about #ADRhubchat?  Leave your question and/or comment, and I’ll do my best to answer it, or find someone who can.

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