How to Resolve Conflicts Involving Mental Health


One in five adults each year are coping with a diagnosable mental health problem. Even if our problems don't escalate to diagnoses, we all know what it's like to have a bad day. How do we have effective communication when we're impacted by mental health issues, or just trying to talk about them? Dan Berstein, a mediator with bipolar disorder and an expert in mental health communication, will share insights to help you have empowering mental health conversations.


Dan Berstein is a mediator living with bipolar disorder and an expert in mental health communication and conflict resolution. He has traveled the country training mediators, government agencies, universities, mental health service providers, peers, and families to have empowered communication about mental health.

Dan has been a Mental Health First Aid trainer, National Alliance on Mental Illness awareness speaker, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance support group facilitator, and many other roles in the world of mental health. He holds a master's degree in Mental Health and a certificate in Health Communication from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Dan is always happy to field questions. E-mail him: or Submit a question to his "Dear Dan podcast".

Learn about Dan’s training program, Become an Effective Mental Health Communicator

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