'Isms' and Words That Help You Successfully Navigate Your Daily Life

bob-berlin1In this program, our guest will discuss how 'isms' and words can have power in your everyday life. As an example: 'A problem well defined is half-solved'. And, what is complaining? Is it a statement of how you really feel? Or, are you boasting? Join Bob Berlin as he gives further insight to our use of words and what they really mean.

Bob Berlin has been mediating for the past 45 years with over 6,000 mediations under his belt. He is an arbitrator, trainer of neutrals, coach, former judge, and a legislator. Currently, he is the vice-chair of the Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Georgia. He is a national and a statewide presenter. His hobby is collecting words and nuggets of wisdom that can be vehicles for a smoother life.

Bob draws from an eclectic professional background in law, marriage and family therapy, communications and teaching. In addition to his present involvements, he is doing CE Trainings and Professional/Personal Coaching.

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