Myth #3: Broadcast, Broadcast, Broadcast

What would it be like if you went out for coffee with someone, tried to carry on a conversation with them (respond to what they are saying, ask questions, etc.) and they never stopped talking the entire time?  What if you asked them a question clarifying what they were talking about and they didn’t take the time to answer? What would you do? I know that I would get up and leave….and try to stick them with the bill….

So, if we don’t want to be treated like this….or we don’t want to hang around people like this….why are we doing this online? Below is something that I’m constantly seeing.

Now, this picture only gives you a taste, and I must say, I really actually do like this person.  He has great writing and from what I know of him he is a stand-up guy, but if you go to his twitter stream you can scroll down and all you see is broadcasting.  Now, don’t get me wrong...I’m not saying there is anything wrong with promoting yours or others stuff, but I am saying that if people are trying to talk to you and your just putting out your’re missing a huge opportunity.  Broadcasting is great if you have a massive ego, or you love to talk about yourself constantly, or if you generally think/feel/behave as if the rest of the population can't stand up to your awesomeness....but the rest of us just think your a _______________ (enter expletive here).  You are showing that people don't matter and if your customer base is humans....that has a lot of potential problems for you.

If you continue to broadcast you are missing a huge opportunity because anyone with common sense (which isn't so common anymore) is going to walk away from the coffee date.  They are going to get tired of hearing your voice and you not listening to your side of the conversations.  They are going to get tired of trying to engage you and you slapping them in the face.  So what are they going to do? They are just going to stand up and leave...and if they figure out how to leave you the bill...I'm sure they will...I know I would.

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