This week, I came across the unofficial creed of the Navy Ombuds program. Written by Gayle Brinkley, it offers an apt description of most kinds of Ombuds work.

I am an Ombudsman
I am not a crutch.
But I can support you.
I am not a counselor.
But I know one.
I am not a taxi driver.
But I can steer you in the right direction.
I am not a rescuer.
But I can help save lives.
I am not a baby sitter.
But I can refer you to a caregiver.
I am not a gossiper.
But I am a great listener.
I am not an enabler.
But I can provide tools to empower you.
I am not a master of anything.
But I know many experts who understand your need.
I am not a Recreation or Health Specialist.
But I am concerned about your Morale, Welfare & Health.
I am not a busybody as I’ve been called.
But I am an Official Command Representative.
I am a Navy Family Ombudsman And I am of service to You
The Navy Family

The description is at least five years old and has been reprinted by several Navy Ombudsmen. (USNS Mercy Newsletter.)

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