As I'm writing this, we're awaiting isolated tornadoes within Hurricane Irene...and we just had an earthquake.  Let's hope the first two ingredients of this meteorological turducken are mild as the third one was.


Whatever happens, New Yorkers are resilient.


People everywhere are resilient.  I've been humbled and heartened by seeing so many folks emerge and flourish in the wake of horrible tragedies, here and abroad.


Mediation speaks to this resilience.  So often, we see people bounce back from years of animosity and hurt and misunderstanding within a matter of hours with the help of a skilled and empathic mediator.  Yes, our mediation jedi tricks and interpersonal skills are nothing to sneeze at.  But the power of mediation also speaks to our innate desire -- perhaps need -- to work things out.  No doubt, violence is all too common in our world -- but it's nevertheless an aberration from our naturally cooperative, conciliatory norm.  Mediation, and other peacebuilding tools, helps keep us normal.


OK, back to filling my bathtub with emergency water and hunting for batteries (and a flashlight in which to put them).  Bring it, Irene.

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Comment by Jonathan M. Hernandez on August 28, 2011 at 1:28pm
Brad, good luck! Like mediation and negotiations preparation is KEY!



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