Oooops! We did it again... How To Prevent Hot Disputes from Boiling Over in Your Relationships

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Tanski,MaciejYou feel it’s getting hot and you just cannot do anything to prevent the innocent exchange of opinions from boiling over and blowing up like a lump of lava thrown out by a volcano? And it hurts because it happens with people important for you, with whom you have a family, neighbor or work relationship. Join Maciej Tański as he bring some examples of conflict escalation and a handful of tips how to prevent it. We will discover what it takes to keep focused during hot discussions and be aware of the other person’s and our own hot buttons.


Maciej Tański is a mediator, trainer and conflict consultant leading the Partners Poland Mediation Center in Warsaw, Poland. For the last 15 years he has been helping people in conflict to find their own way out without losing face. Maciej mediates marital, family and divorce disputes, as well as business ones especially in family owned businesses. He consults and coaches couples, parents or co-workers on conflict prevention and resolution. He is also a trainer in mediation and social skills who designed and conducted workshops for thousands of civic and business leaders. Outside of Poland, he led trainings in the Western Balkans, Caucasus, and Central Asia. He wrote guidebooks for divorced parents and lone fathers.

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