#RenoACR2015: Public Disputes, Family Conflict, Elder Mediation & Quantitative Analysis

This year’s Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) national conference features more than 120 speakers on diverse conflict resolution topics in over 75 sessions.  Join more than 400 other conflict resolution practitioners this October in Reno, Nevada from October 7-10.


Here is a brief glimpse of four of the many exciting sessions that are being offered:

Your Country Needs Your Help: How Mediators Can Help Resolve Public Disputes


Susan Podziba, Mediator/Principal, Podziba Policy Mediation

Amidst political polarization, public policy mediators help disputing parties contribute their wisdom and experience to resolve their complex public conflicts. Mediators trigger and sustain civic fusion, a phenomenon in which people with passionately different political positions bond to address common public goals without sacrificing their core values.

This session will examine how public disputes present unique opportunities for practitioners to apply their skills. The session will give participants a first-hand glimpse at the complicated work of multi-stakeholder multi-issue processes aimed at building consensus on contentious issues. Through case studies that illustrate the value and effectiveness of public policy mediation, participants will learn how to build on their existing mediation tools and techniques to manage public disputes.
Parent Conflict: Three Keys to Help Families Move Forward
Charlotte P. Parsons, Mediator, Parenting Educator, Action for Children and Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court
LaTanya L. Moss, Mediator, Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court & U.S. Department of Agriculture
Whether you Mediate, Co-Resolve, Coordinate, or work with parents in conflict, you already know these families need help yesterday. With nearly three years of statistics from over 4200 Ohio parent surveys describing their divorce experiences, Columbus-based Action For Children has designed a unique, Three-Key message to help parents strengthen their families, starting now. Conflict resolution professionals will learn these keys through interactive and collaborative exchanges making it easy to learn, shape and share with their clients immediately.
Elder Mediation: Balancing Safety and Autonomy with a Vulnerable Adult Participant  
Joan Braun, Lawyer, Mediator, Consultant, Joan Braun Mediation and Consulting
Conflict often arises between older adults and their families when the older adult is perceived to be unsafe or at risk of harm. In that situation family members often want to intervene to protect the older adult. Commonly older adults want to continue to live independently and to maintain autonomy. How does a mediator balance the competing interests of safety and autonomy? What steps should be taken if there are allegations of abuse or neglect? The workshop presenter will provide an overview of elder abuse research and ethical requirements and will offer practical tips, tools and guidelines for practice.
Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of Mediation and Various Approaches: Part 2
Lorig Charkoudian, Executive Director, Community Mediation Maryland
This interactive session (yes, quantitative research will be presented in an interactive way!) will cover the results of a 3 rigorous studies: (1) A cost-benefit analysis comparing the short and long term impact of mediation in criminal cases. (2) A cost-benefit analysis covering the short and long term impact of mediation in small claims cases. (3) An exploration of what mediator strategies result in various short and long term outcomes in family cases.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will gain a basic understanding of what is required for rigorous quantitative research with a treatment group and a control group. Participants will gain a basic understanding of behavior coding and how the strategy allows researchers to isolate the impact of certain mediator strategies to measure their effectiveness. Participants will develop an ability to accurately articulate the short and long term impact of mediation. Participants will understand the impact of certain mediator strategies and have a chance to explore incorporating these best practices into their mediation practices.

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