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August Radio Programs

We are making program changes to the Texas Conflict Coach® effective May 1, 2017. I am making these changes to provide more effective and valuable content. During our transition, we will re-broadcast well-liked episodes “Straight from the Archives”, produce our LIVE Conflict Chats: Ripped from the Headlines programs the last Tuesday of the month; publish weekly blog posts focused on conflict management; and periodically host special guest episodes.
As we move through these changes, you can access our 315+ episodes ANYTIME, ANYWHERE on our YouTube channel or through, iTunes, FM Player or Google Play.
Each month, we will reintroduce our guest experts from over 315+ podcasts "Straight from the Archives." Enjoy listening!

August 8th:  Back to School: Building a Bridge of Positive Communication

                         to Create a Positive Learning Process
Parent, you are your child's best advocate. Just like painting a room, the more preparation you do the better the result.  Angela Woodrow highlights three free resources that will help you.
August 22nd   Reframing Campus Conflict
Are you a parent of a college student or an educator dealing with campus conflict? Maybe YOU are a student who's gotten into some trouble on your campus? If so, this shows for you. Our guest Dr. Nancy Giacomini and Jennifer Meyer Schrage, J.D., are co-authors of "Reframing Campus Conflict: Student Conduct Practice through a Social Justice Lens".
August 29th:   Conflict Chat....Handling Intense Emotions and Rage
"When you are emotionally hijacked like in the recent road rage incident and untimely death of NFL football icon, Will Smith, what do we learn about how we handle our intense rage and emotions?"

Thank you for listening in and supporting the program.  Please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues. 

Patricia M. Porter, Founder, and Host, The Texas Conflict Coach®

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