“The Texas Conflict Coach® Radio Blog Program” May Series

The Texas Conflict Coach® Blog Talk Radio program announces the following episodes starting

in the month of  May, held every Tuesday night from 7:00-7:30 pm CST/8:00-8:30 pm EST.


To participate, go to the designated link for each program or call-in live at 347-324-3591.


May 7th :     Parenting Discipline for Toddlers to Teens: How to Avoid the ‘Countdown to Meltdown’

                    Guest:  Barbara Grochal

                    Guest Host:  Stephen Kotev


                     Parenting discipline decisions are sometimes among the toughest but also some of the most

                     critical that parents make.




May 14th :    The Unique Challenges of Military Families – 3 Building Blocks for Happier, Healthier


                     Guest:  Dr. Patricia E. Adams


                     As a licensed marriage and family therapist for nearly 20 years, Dr. Adams has discovered

                     a common thread that binds us together—the power that relationships have in our lives.




May 21st:     Does Domestic Abuse Prevent Parties From Mediating?   

                    Guest:  Christy Cumberlander Walker

                    Guest Host:  Zena Zumeta




                    There has been much said regarding the ability of parties to mediate in cases where there

                     has been domestic abuse. While no one believes abuse is an issue that can be mediated,

                     the parties may have issues that can be resolved through mediation.




May 28th:   Multi-Generational Family Business - A Guide to Successful Succession

                   Guest:  Dr. Mary F. Whiteside and Richard Segal.


                   Family businesses are unique and complex differing in many ways from non-family

                   businesses.  For those family businesses preparing for the next generation to transition

                   and succeed, they need to expect all kinds of issues to arise that can cause conflict.




Thank you for listening in and supporting the program...Pattie Porter, Host, The Texas Conflict Coach®

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