The Texas Conflict Coach® September Radio Programs

The Texas Conflict Coach® Blog Talk Radio program announces our September series focused on Courageous Conversations Parents Need to Have with Their Children...Adult Children Included.

The following episodes will air every Tuesday from 5:00-5:30 pm PST/7:00-7:30 pm CST/ 8:00-8:30 pm EST

To participate, go to the designated link for each program or call-in live at 347-324-3591.

September 1st:  Courageous Conversations Between Parents and Their LGBTQ Children

Courageous Conversations between parents and their LGBTQ children regardless of age. The coming out conversation can be extremely difficult on both sides. Join Priscilla Fernandez to look at some of the repercussions the LGBTQ person faces from the conversation, as well as the gains that are made.

September 8th:  Ducking the Boomerang: Tips and Tactics for Adults and Adult Children 
                            to Engage Effectively
With even more Millennials and young people between the ages of 18 and 34 returning home to live with older parents, there are all kinds of issues that arise around expectations, assumptions and stages of life. Join Jesan Sorrels as he discusses three actionable tips that both younger adults—and their older adult parents—can do to make this situation less conflict prone.

September 15th:  Talking to Your Tweens and Teens When They Question Their Beliefs
Join Janet Bonnin, owner of Fine-Tuned Families and founder of the Families of The Way Christian ministry, for a fascinating and courageous conversation on beliefs. We’ll look at how to respectfully and lovingly share what is in our minds and hearts while giving our children the space to seek answers to the questions they have.

September 22nd:  Teen Dating Violence: Recognize the Signs and Start the Conversation
One Hour Episode
Adolescent dating violence and teen dating abuse are real and deadly. Many parents and their teenage sons and daughters are unfamiliar with the red flags that signal a pattern of dating abuse and violence. Bobbi Sudberry is an expert on teen dating violence as a result of losing her daughter Kaity to such a deadly relationship. She along with Vicki Owen and her daughter, Addison Naugle will share their personal stories of teen dating violence along with strategies to avoid these unhealthy relationships.

September 29th:  Childhood Gender Diversity: A Natural Variation in Human Development
When children enter this world, the adults greeting them have many assumptions already in place about their future. Join Jenn Burleton as she discusses the world of a transgender child and their families.

Thank you for listening in and supporting the program.  Please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues. 

Pattie Porter, Host, The Texas Conflict Coach®

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