The Texas Conflict Coach® September Radio Shows

The Texas Conflict Coach® Radio Blog Show” September Series


The Texas Conflict Coach® Blog Talk Radio show announces the following shows starting

in the month of September, held every Tuesday night from 7:00-7:30 pm CST/8:00-8:30 pm EST. 

To participate, either go to the designated link for each show or call-in

live at 347-324-3591. 

September 4:   Conflict as an Unlikely Teacher: Finding the Hidden Gifts

                                Guest:  Judy Ringer 

                               Most of us go about thinking that life happens to us, that conflict is a

                               negative event, and that our reactions are not under our conscious

                               control. In this conversation with Judy Ringer, author, trainer, conflict

                               coach, and Aikido black belt, we'll discuss how life events, troublesome

                               people, and difficult problems can be gifts that help us strengthen

                               relationships, open communication, and invent life in more purposeful



September 11:   Who Is The Big Bad Wolf and Why Are We Afraid Of Him/Her?   How                

                                 race relations create, nurture and perpetuate the existence of this

                                 fictional character in our daily experience.

                                 Guest:  Marvin Johnson and Lou Gieszl 

                                 This pre-recorded broadcast will feature a lively discussion of tough issues related

                                 to race and conflict. The presenters will posit that much of today's

                                 race-based conflicts are rooted in fear.


September 18:  You’ve Figured Out What’s Wrong in the Office – Now What?

                                 Pattie Porter along with her guest host Stephen Kotev            

                                In this pre-recorded show, Pattie and Steven help you figure out how to resolve  

                                conflicts in the workplace. In this episode we pick up where A Manager’s Dilemma: 

                              How do YOU figure out what’s wrong in the office?” left off.


September 25:  Making Difficult People Disappear

                                 Guest:  Monica Wofford 

                                 We all have at least one person we wish we could make disappear

                                 ...without getting in trouble! It’s not magic. It’s proven methods to

                                 communicate, mediate, and resolve stressful misunderstandings,

                                 happily ever after, and so no one gets fired or mired in continuous conflict.


Thank you for listening in and supporting the show...Pattie Porter, Host, The Texas Conflict Coach®

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