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Picture It Settled® software is a highly-intelligent predictive analytics tool that guides inside and outside counsel through the negotiation process, based on deep data harvested from thousands of cases.  The online-accessible technology was created by a team of attorneys and statisticians led by Don Philbin, a nationally recognized attorney-mediator based in San Antonio.

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Police practice negotiation skills

RUTLAND — The hostage negotiation wasn’t real, but it felt that way to Detective Keith Lorman.

The Rutland City Police veteran called the situation “intense” — a half-hour stand-off with another negotiator posing as a distraught woman who just lost her job and threatened suicide.

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Negotiation Can Be A Delicate Task

One of Cpl. Scott Owens’ favorite movies is “The Negotiator”, the 1998 movie starring Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson about a skilled hostage negotiator who takes hostages of his own, only to be confronted by another negotiator.

But Owens, who has conducted negotiations with the Dothan Police Department, understands the job of a negotiator can be quite different than the dramatized film version.

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Reflection​s on the Phoenix Post-Media​tion Shooting 

Stephen Kotev

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