ACR Blog Radio - Mental Illness in Mediation

Join us as we interview Dan Berstein, a mediator living with bipolar disorder.  Dan travels the country teaching mediators cultural sensitivity toward mental illness and ways to make their practices accessible to varying mental health needs.  We'll discuss Dan's history with this topic, his upcoming ACR conference workshop, and his work developing a family mental health mediation program for mediation centers to implement.

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What Is Mediation? Dave Hilton Put Together This Great Video To Explain

Anita Baul-Pinson- The other night I happened upon an old movie starring Cheryl Ladd and the late Robert Ulrich. In the movie, Cheryl Ladd’s character played an abusive mother. The movie did a good job of highlighting the issues of abuse and neglect within families. It also showed the challenges families with little money face in trying to participate in counseling in order to work through these serious family issues.

Study suggests what wins in the art of negotiation

Make a precise offer — whether buying a car or home or negotiating a salary — and you'll seal a strong deal, say two professors at Columbia Business School in New York.

Four ways that negotiation can boost your wealth

We all negotiate daily in many different situations, yet negotiation is rarely taught or talked about as a skill set. As a result most of us do not apply any kind of framework when we negotiate. This means we often get less of what we want from our negotiations, but we never know why.

1) Negotiating at work

Effective negotiators deploy a range of skills which help them communicate persuasively and project integrity. This means people want to deal with them and listen to what they say.

How do good deal makers do this? First, they don’t just focus on what they want. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But the more you focus on the other person, the more you get. So great negotiators at work are normally great listeners – spending twice as much time listening as speaking. This creates a sense of empathy and trust...

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