Nicole Bohe-...In short, Dan Pink talks about how we've built businesses around an extrinsic motivator system - it's all about the carrots and sticks. Apparently science shows such motivation works...but only when mechanical skills are involved - when the task involves simple rules and a clear destination. The reward system fails when there are more complex cognitive tasks, which have become infinitely more important in 21st century business; therefore, Mr. Pink proposed a different system to motivate performance. He suggested intrinsic motivation, based on the principles of Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose...

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Reflective Practice & Research Data

Jeff Thompson- Being a reflective practitioner is critical to being an effective mediator, ombuds, conflict coach, and any other conflict resolution role. The preceding statement is nothing new- I have said it many times on this blog as well as many others having said it in many other outlets.

A reflective practice can, and should be multi-faceted. Reflecting alone (perhaps by writing in a journal or taking time to review a recently concluded session) is beneficial but I do not think it should be the sole method of reflection. Just as we engage others during our job, engagement should also be a staple to our reflective practice.


68% think a mediator (male) wearing a suit is not appropriate for community mediation (n=19)
100% think a mediator (male) wearing a suit is appropriate for divorce mediation (n=20)

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The Future of Justice - How Technology is Shaping the Legal Ecosystem (3 Replies)



Review of "Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook"


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