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How Germany Beat Greece In Liar's Poker

Many observers are wondering how the left-populist renegades of Greece's Syriza party, which rose to power in January on the promise of delivering relief from austerity and renewed its mandate with a massive victory in the July 5 referendum, managed to negotiate a bailout deal on Monday that is substantially worse than what was available to Greece before Syriza took office.

The answer is surprisingly simple. Syriza forewent its only potential leverage over Greece’s creditors: the willingness to go through with a “Grexit,” or a Greek exit from the eurozone. Greece was not prepared to shoot the proverbial hostage in negotiations with Germany and the other eurozone nations. In fact, the Greek government was not even ready for the possibility of a Grexit if it was forced on them.

Read more from the HuffingtonPost.com [HERE].

#RenoACR153rd Annual Conflict Resolution Family & Elder Retreat

The 2015 Elder Decision-Making Section and Family Section Retreat is part of this year’s ACR conference. This Retreat will be of interest to all mediators whether or not a mediator is currently practicing in the areas of family and elder decision-making or practicing in diverse areas of mediation. The content will be interesting, practical and directly transferable for all mediators regardless of the nature, context, and content of their practice areas.

The Retreat fits within the broader Association for Conflict Resolution’s 2015 Conference theme, Thinking about our Thinking, by providing a learning opportunity in a different and complimentary way. 

Read more about the Family & Elder Retreat here: http://reno.acrnet.org/retreat

Register for the conference [HERE]

The power of an open mind in mediation

People embroiled in conflict express themselves in many different ways; some contain themselves in steely silence, others let rip with verbal tirades. But there is one behaviour that is close to universal and may be the one thing that most exacerbates and prolongs the suffering of conflict. By the same token, if it could be reversed, conflicts would find a faster and happier resolution. So what can the HR professional do to help bring this about? 

A few months ago, we carried out a piece of research to provide advice for first time users of workplace mediation. Advice was sought from over 60 people in 40 different organisations with experience of mediation. One word recurred, without prompting, with striking frequency. The word was “open”. 

Read more at HR Magazine UK [HERE]. 

With Thousands of Foreclosures Pending, State Extends Mediation Pro...

As the economy worsened in 2008, foreclosures skyrocketed in Connecticut and elsewhere. In an effort to prevent clogged court dockets—and to keep homeowners in their homes—Connecticut launched the country's first foreclosure mediation program.

Fast-forward a half-dozen years. Despite an overall better economy, the number of new foreclosure filings in Connecticut still topped 16,000 in 2014, leading the legislature to extend the mediation program for another three years, through June 30, 2019. It had been due to expire in June 2016.

Nancy McGann, program manager, said no new requests can be considered after July 1, 2019, but mediation can continue for cases filed before that date even if the process takes longer.

Read more [HERE].

#RenoACR15Star-studded list of speakers for Community Day

This year’s Community Day, as part of the ACR national conference, is a full-day event that includes workshops on work being done by community mediation centers in the context of community re-entry, juvenile victim-offender mediation, conflict management training for offenders and law enforcement personnel and community-police mediation. Speakers from across the country include:

Read more about Community Day here: http://reno.acrnet.org/community

Register for the conference [HERE]

Adopt-a-Court: Innovative Mediation Program for Hawaii Businesses

In January 2014 the Mediation Center of the Pacific (MCP) launched Adopt-a-Court, an innovative program for Hawaii businesses supporting mediation.

Two companies – The Islander Group and Hawaiian Cement – agreed to participate in the Program by adopting the District Court located in their area, and committing three to four members of their management team to serve as mediators for that court. The Islander Group adopted the Wahiawa Court and Hawaiian Cement adopted the Ewa Court.

To learn why the MCP "Adopt-a-Court" Program proved so successful watch this 22-min video with:

>> John DeLong – President, Hawaiian Cement
>> Steve Holmberg – President/COO, The Islander Group
>> Tracey Wiltgen - Executive Director, Mediation Center of the Pacific

See more [HERE]. 

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