1000 Out Of A 1000 People Love This Concept

Steve Mehta- Which one convinces you more?  If I told you that 90% of the time people lose their medical malpractice actions or that 9 out of 10 people lose their medical malpractice actions.

Many of you are saying, there is a  no difference.  90% and 9/10 are the same thing.  This is where you are wrong 90% of the time.

The human brain is hardwired to make short circuit decisions all the time. There is automatic programming that occurs in making decisions.  Otherwise, we would be mired in making decisions.

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The Illusion of Communication 

Jason Dykstra- The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." - George Bernard Shaw

How often do our co-workers, managers, supervisors, spouses, children, parents, friends put forward a message and think that it has been communicated?  How often do we do this?

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The impact of environment in divorce mediation

Bryan Hanson- The power of context in relation to conflict presents a very solid argument for the work necessary of mediators towards creating an environmentally friendly space for disputing parties engaged in mediation. Much like the study regarding broken windows showed us how little details can make an impact on crime epidemics, a comfortable and calming space can equally contribute greatly to bring two conflicting parties together in a constructive dialogue.


Divorce mediation is a context in which I mediate commonly. There are so many times in intake or at the beginning of the mediation when I hear how the other party is completely impossible to speak with, all they do is yell and argue, or shut down completely when engaged in discussions. These destructive conversations seem to often take place when transitioning the children, or instigated by one party in places where power dynamics are unbalanced.

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