Petra H. Maxwell- Late last fall, New York became the last state in the nation to offer something akin to ‘no-fault’ divorce...

So, let’s say you’re thinking about mediation.  How do the new NY Divorce rules stack up when you’re thinking about a mediated divorce?  Actually, I think you always do better in mediation – whether you have a complex case or not - for several reasons.  First, as you noticed, NY courts will not consider your petition for divorce unless they find that all other relevant matters such as child custody and support, property division and maintenance (if applicable), have been resolved.  In mediation, you will be asked to work together with your mediator on each of these issues, one by one.



Shpoonkle To Offer Conflict Resolution, the online legal marketplace whose slogan is "Justice You Can Afford," has added conflict resolution—mediation and arbitration services—to its menu of offerings. Shpoonkle, a reverse auction website where individuals and businesses can find and hire legal professionals at fees below the $300 per hour national average, has in its first few weeks already registered hundreds of participating lawyers and clients.

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Mediation Of Mortgage Disputes: Trends & Opportunities

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 Wednesday, April 27th6-7pm est - More [HERE]


Interfaith Mediation

Rev. Roberts, who was a professional mediator before becoming a priest, knows that congregations of all faiths tear themselves apart after a scandal involving a trusted leader. Certain that there are ways to prevent that, she returned to Pittsburgh and founded An Olive Branch. It is dedicated to the prevention of misconduct in the wake of accusations

..."Our mediations were volatile. We were literally telling people to check their guns at the door. But we had a 98 percent success rate," she said.


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