Randy Hoerschgen- China’s leadership has put a priority on quieting social tensions and reducing public protests. To help accomplish these goals they have reversed policies of court reform that have been promoted for over two decades. This setback threatens the future of the criminal process, manifested in recent prosecutions, detentions and house arrests of individuals asserting fundamental rights that have been well-publicized outside China. Less visible, but equally disturbing, has been the effect of current leadership policies on procedures for resolving non-criminal cases — which are now increasingly subject to mediation rather than civil litigation.

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Reflective Practice For Mediators


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Patricia M. Porter- What happens when we are faced with a situation when our values and belief systems are so polarized it motivates us to hide or to fight vehemently?  Our so-called conflict becomes a protracted dispute for years to come. And yet, how do we begin to acknowledge these differences, embrace our diversity and learn how to coexist in these challenging situations.

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