Greetings from the 'Land Down Under'!

Jeff Thompson- While traveling in Australia, primarily for holidays, those who know me know I always manage to do some work too! With that said, last week I gave a talk at Southern Cross University's Lismore campus which was also broadcasted to two other campuses (hooray for technology!).

The topic was on basic nonverbal verbal communication- how to use it properly and also how to identify certain gestures used by others. I will not go into the specifics other than emphasizing I speak from the perspective of identifying gestures as it not being definitive but rather based on my understanding of nonverbal communication from my experiences, my research and the research conducted by others. Be weary of those who say, "Liars do this," or "When someone does this, it means that."
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Matthew Starman- Why get into Mediation? Most of you reading this have probably asked yourself this at least once. If your experience was similar to mine, you also had to answer questions like "what is mediation? So your like a judge or something? What can you do with that?" Nearly two years ago, I had to ask myself these questions. I knew a little about mediation through negotiation
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A Reflection on September's Webinar on Citizens & Collaboration
Eric Cissell- September’s webinar on Citizens & Collaboration by Joan Sabott offered an insightful look at the power of collaborative dialogue processes in highly contentious conflicts. Using her work on road sharing issues between motorists and cyclists, as well as local impacts to Colorado communities, she touched on five elements I feel are incredibly important in integrative processes for conflict resolution. The five elements are:

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Join host Jeff Thompson and guest Richard Rubenstein from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University.
They discuss the new joint program between George Mason and the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies which has created a joint Master's degree programme in conflict resolution and Mediterranean security based in Malta.

They also discuss international conflict resolution, the role history has on conflict and current conflicts.

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