recommends you check out the latest issue of the the Journal of Conflictology. The new issue includes:
*The opening article by Neuroscientist David Bueno presents a series of new data on the influence of genes on aggressive behaviour.
* Craig Zelizer develops ananalytical model regarding the role of humor in peacebuilding in dividedsocieties.
* Stean Auguste Nkumb Tshiband engages in a discussion of civilian peacekeeping as contrasted to multidimensionalpeacekeeping based on both practical and theoretical insights
* In her article “Reciprocal recognition as a means of peaceful conflict transformation”, Sonia París makes a claim for nonviolentconflict settlement based on Axel Honneth’s theory of recognition
* The section PIONEERS is this time dedicated to the non-violent resistance of two Maori chiefs in 19th century New Zealand
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Wiki Leaks- Thoughts?
Lisa Dagerman
- Just checking in and wondering what everyone thinks about the Wikileaks that are in the news today. Personally, I find it to be a benefit to our profession, but a determint to our universe. What do you think??

What can North Korea teach us about the workplace?
Eric Cissell-
Daniel Rose is a busi­ness and
man­age­ment con­sul­tant who shares some of his thoughts on his personal blog. You can find Daniel's blog [here].His most recent post, "What can North Korea teach us about the workplace?," shared an important thought on how "...North Korea are collectively behaving like a workplace bully. They don’t want to share resources, or even com­mu­ni­cate with col­leagues at all. At times, they become down­right hos­tile, over what seems to be very little."
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Unexpected Leadership Lessons: Effectiveness Through Humility & Common Ground

Jeff Thompson- In “Four Lesson’s in Adaptive Leadership” Professor Michael Useem makes the case that the highly competitive and unpredictable environments encountered in many organizational settings present leadership challenges not unlike that found on the battlefield.

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A Blog On Blogging
Matthew J. Starman- In the many discussions I had during the holiday, the fact that I have been blogging for ADRhub came up multiple times. Some were surprised, others thought it was cool. I did however get one unified reaction, "I could never do that."
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School Based Conflict Resolution Group

Head Start For Kids and Imprisoned Parents

Educating for Peace - Classroom Resources

Sacramento County Office of Education - GREAT Resource Guide

Daniel W. Webster's "The Unconvincing Case for School-Based Conflict Resolution Programs for Adolescents"

More News, Articles & Jobs Member Spotlight

U of Maryland, Professor ADR

Coaching With Compassion Can "Light Up" Human Thoughts

Ombuds Job Posting: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

CIArb Launches Major Survey into Costs of International Arbitration

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